Morning Meltdown 100 | Home Workout Program Ideas | Beachbody Coach Amanda Sobel, Fit As Flock

Morning Meltdown 100: The First 20 Days

100 Workouts..

That number can seem intense.


It’s kind of a big commitment– but in reality,  you are totally capable of committing to yourself- and to the results that you want to see.

Morning Meltdown 100 | Home Workout Program Ideas | Beachbody Coach Amanda Sobel, Fit As Flock

And.. did I mention- these 100 workouts are only 20-30 minutes each day? SAY WHAT?!

Just over 20 days ago, I made a commitment to the newest workout program in my virtual gym. Having a virtual class membership means, that I get access to hundreds of workouts and programs, recipes, meal plans, and my FLOCK to keep me on track.

Morning Meltdown 100 | Home Workout Program Ideas | Beachbody Coach Amanda Sobel, Fit As Flock

So, what’s the deal with this new program?

Morning Meltdown 100 Program Breakdown:

Trainer: Jericho McMatthews
Intensity: Intermediate
Program Length: 100 workouts
Commitment Time: 20-30 minutes
Equipment Needed: light, medium & heavy weights
Best For: Fat burning & muscle toning
Release Date: Available NOW with VIP Access

What is Morning Meltdown 100?

This program WILL be a game-changer, if you let it! After 100 days, bad habits will be broken, mindsets will be changed, and you’ll feel comfortable in a whole new, healthier lifestyle!

80 Day Obsession was a big commitment for me– 80+ workouts, and an hour for most of them– that included a lot of sacrifice, planning and commitment. But I get it.. not everyone has an hour a day to workout, I don’t either. That’s exactly why Morning Meltdown 100 will be YOUR game-changing program– because of the 20-30 minute daily commitment.

YOU HAVE 30 MINUTES– I know you do. 

These are my results from Phase 1, the first 20 workouts.

Morning Meltdown 100 FAQ

What is the Morning Meltdown 100 Meal Plan?

You have the choice of following the Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition Program, the 2B Mindset Meal Plan, or the Morning Meltdown 100 nutrition plan.

I find that keeping things simple is the best option for me, along with planning ahead.

Morning Meltdown 100 | Home Workout Program Ideas | Beachbody Coach Amanda Sobel, Fit As Flock

What equipment is needed?

This program keeps it simple when it comes to equipment — you probably already have everything you’ll need!

  • 3 Sets of Weights (Light/Medium/Heavy)
  • Fitness or Yoga Mat

What will the workouts be like?

The Morning Meltdown 100 workouts will include a little bit of everything:

  • HIIT
  • Resistance
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • And more
The program is broken down into 5 phases with 20 workouts per phase.

Here’s how it’s broken down: during the 1st 1/2 of each phase you’ll complete 10 different fitness routines. Then, during the 2nd 1/2 you’ll repeat a similar routine turning up the intensity with extra challenges thrown in!

The workouts you’ll see include:
  • Cardio Meltdown
  • Upbeat Strength
  • Core Inferno
  • Total Body Badass
  • Freestyle Flow
  • Lit Cardio
  • Downbeat Strength
  • Fight Club
  • Meltcon
  • Re-Vibe

Every workout is designed to keep your body continually progressing without hitting plateaus and feeling “stuck.” I have seen a BIG change already, just in Phase One! 

Plus, a live DJ on the set makes every workout feel like a party — because who wants to work out without music?! The DJ will up the tempo and slow it down to keep pace with the workouts and keep you moving.

Morning Meltdown 100 | Home Workout Program Ideas | Beachbody Coach Amanda Sobel, Fit As Flock

The moves do look a little crazy at first, but don’t worry– there are two modifiers that you can follow along with.

When does the program release?

You can gain access to the program NOW, with VIP Access.

How do you get VIP Early Access?

You DO NOT need to be a Beachbody Coach or anyone special to get Early Access to Morning Meltdown 100 — all you have to do is let me know, and I will set you up with access! When you purchase a Challenge Pack or standalone digital access the program will appear in your Beachbody On Demand library! Or… you can wait until October, while you sit and ENVY the results that everyone else is getting.

Ready to create your transformation now?

Reach out, and let’s do this!


2B Mindset: No Diet, Zero Exercise Weight Loss

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.19.42 PM

When I heard about 2B Mindset I was a bit hesitant.. 

Why? I have grown to LOVE working out, and I didn’t know if a nutrition based program that required ZERO exercise would be something I could get behind. My workouts are like my therapy session- and I just NEED them daily.

But then.. I heard what the creator of this program had to say, her story. I had CHILLS about how similar it was to my childhood struggles with weight.


Meet Ilana, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Creator of 2B Mindset 

Ilana is LEGIT. She understands the emotional rollercoaster and struggle behind emotional eating. She knows what it is like to overcome it, to lose the weight, and to develop a NEW relationship with food. She lived it.

She struggled with emotional eating since she was a child, AND lost 100 lbs (and kept if off). All through completely transforming her mindset!

You need to see her story. 

Seriously, WATCH IT now!

So, What is 2B Mindset All About?

2B Mindset is Beachbody’s first nutrition-based program. But it’s not a “diet.” It’s about changing your relationship with food and changing your mindset. If you check out Ilana’s Instagram, you’ll get a pretty good feel for what I mean by this.

You can still have BIG portions of food.
You’ll still be able to eat everything you love.
There’s nothing you “can’t” have.
And you’ll still lose weight!

Everything I know about nutrition, and the only thing that has really worked for me, has been using the Portion Fix containers. They’ve taught me so much. But I’m excited to step outside of my comfort zone with 2B Mindset and utilize all the expertise that Ilana has put into this!

How do I know if it’s right for me?

Honestly, the first week of doing this program, I can say that 2B Mindset is for EVERYONE.

  • If you want a healthy relationship with food.
  • If you struggle with cravings.
  • If you’re an emotional eater.
  • If you want to lose weight.
  • If you can’t exercise.
  • If you’ve tried dieting and failed.
  • If you’re working out and still not losing weight.

If you can relate to ANY of the above (and, come on, we can ALL relate to the first one), then 2B Mindset is right for you.

Let’s get down to some great questions about the program…

What will I get with 2B Mindset?

Let’s talk about the intangibles. Sure, you’ll get some getting starting booklets, progress tracker, water bottle, and a few other things when you sign up.

But let’s talk about the BENEFITS, the things that “diets” can’t provide.

  • Strategies for real situations (restaurants, parties, etc.)
  • Advice to overcome common weight loss challenges
  • You’ll learn nutrition basics from a REAL dietitian
  • Discover plenty of new, delicious recipes
  • You’ll get simple grocery shopping lists
  • There will be time-saving tips for meal prepping
  • Along with so much more!

Are there any 2B Mindset workouts?

Nope! There is absolutely no working out required.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t or can’t work out, it just means that working out is a bonus! If you DO want to work out while using 2B Mindset, talk to me and we can figure out the best fitness program for you.

Email me:

How many days does 2B Mindset last?

It’s time to get things straight — there’s NO time-limit for this program.

Unlike 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession, there’s no end date. That’s because it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet or a fitness program.

There may come a time when you feel like you don’t need the videos from Ilana for advice, or you can stop using the tracker sheet provided, but that mindset doesn’t end. It’s something that you will continue on with in your day-to-day life, not because you HAVE to — because you WANT to!

So how is it so different from dieting?

The main focus of the program IS NOT on the food itself, it’s on your mind. Most diets aren’t sustainable. They deprive you, they make you say “no” which makes you crave those foods even more!

  • You’ll never feel like you’re starving
  • You won’t be counting calories
  • There’s no such thing as “cheating”
  • You’re encouraged to say YES to food

Now we’re talking my language — yes to food!

What’s the difference between this and the Portion Fix containers?

Well, first, there are no containers.

I know. Ever since 21 Day Fix launched, the majority of our programs have been based around the Portion Fix containers. And they work great, but I’m sure most of us don’t want to live the rest of our lives with these containers laying around the kitchen! Right?!

21 Day Fix vs. 2B Mindset Meal Plan
  • 21DF: External controls (containers)
  • 2BM: Internal controls (mindset)
  • 21DF: Highly structured meal plan
  • 2BM: Flexible eating
  • 21DF: Portion-control eating rules
  • 2BM: Plate-visualization
  • 21DF: Calorie/macro based
  • 2BM: Nutritional & behavioral guidelines

What results can I expect to see?

Check out some of these before and after’s from the 2B Mindset Test Group!

Ready For A New Relationship With Food?

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