Gemstone Personality Test

Gemstone Personality Test: What it is, What it Means

Gem Personality Test | Gemstone Test

You may have been exposed to personality tests before. Whether it’s one that tells you where you are “meant to live” or “which celebrity you are destined to marry,” I was curious as to how the dynamics of my Fitness Community were coming together. More specifically- what types of coaches were partnering with our team and how we could best support them as they began their fitness journey or business.

After coffee with a girlfriend, she mentioned I should have my team take the “Gemstone Personality Test,” (created by Dani Johnson) and had quickly spouted out which Gem I was, right off the bat– she was right.

Curious to see where my business partners were on this Gem spectrum- I encouraged them to take the personality test (see the link below, and give yourself about 10 minutes to go through the questions and results afterwards).

There are four types of Gems: Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire.

Dani Johnson, creator of this assessment, mentions that we have characteristics of all four gems within us, some have more of two and little of others. Some have more of one, and communicate in one primary Gem more than others. Understanding your Gem and the Gem of others that you work with or interact with, can help you as you better your communication and focus on helping them feel understood.

Gemstone Personality Test | Emerald Gem StoneEmeralds are rational seekers- there is no gray area, just black and white. They love statistics and facts, and the WHY behind things. They are analytical and tend to be the thinkers of the group. Some would think that emeralds are cold, but that’s only because they aren’t the best communicators and want the facts before giving or considering an answer.

Emeralds love systems and organization. They tend to do the research and consider multiple possibilities before giving or making their final decision. This personality trait can sometimes keep them from progressing to the next step toward their goals, however follow through is their thing.

Sometimes Emeralds miss the learning opportunities in front of them, as they are stuck in the analyzing and researching zone.

When working with an Emerald, give them clear steps, deadlines and an action plan. They will again research, but if you can give them the facts, figures, and stats- it will make their life a little easier.

An Emerald’s mantra should be, “Done is better than perfect.” 

Gemstone Personality Test | Pearl Gem Stone

Pearls fill their cup by helping other people. They feel called to take action through love, service, charity and a good cause.

Pearls are patient people, loyal friends, thoughtful and avoid conflict. With that being said- they are often in the shadows and prefer smaller groups. They like being around people and relationships, but they are also slightly introverted. They strive for authenticity and keeping it real and would rather be 1:1 than at a big party. Pearls are also listeners than talkers.

If they aren’t careful- pearls can be taken advantage of as they have a hard time saying no. Pearls need to be selective about how they give their time and helpfulness.

Pearls are not big on facts, figures or money. When working with a Pearl, focus on the help or care that they can give to others. Pearls need to feel valued for what they do.

A Pearl’s mantra should be, “It is more loving to say ‘no’ sometimes.”

Gemstone Personality Test | Sapphire Gem Stone

Sapphires are the life of the party! Plain and simple- they are motivated by FUN and tend to be extroverts, surrounded by people. They have a ton of energy and are typically very self motivated. Sapphires live for fun and don’t want to waste time being serious all of the time.

Sapphires need to tread lightly, as their optimistic attitudes can be seen as hurtful to others, and not considerate of the other parties feelings. They need to understand that other people are not as positive as they are, but they do see the best in others.

Sapphires are motivated by recognition and being in the spotlight.

When working with Sapphires, make sure to recognize their accomplishments. Let them shine and stay positive to keep them encouraged.

A Sapphire’s mantra should be, “Eat that frog!” 

Gemstone Personality Test | Ruby Gem Stone

Rubies are competitors- they are in it to win it. But, rubies are sore losers – if they can’t win- they don’t want to play. They want to be the best, to be unique and to stand out. They are always striving  to reach the next goal and competing against themselves. They are super motivated.

Many rubies are entrepreneurs or leaders because of the competition and reaching for improvement and recognition. Confident in nature, they are willing to take risks.

This confidence can sometimes make rubies seem arrogant by others. They can be direct and to the point, sometimes even harsh- but they say it how they see it. Rubies can be hard on themselves and can fall into the comparison sink hole, putting themselves into a blue spell.

Rubies teach us determination and what it means to go “all in.” When you work with a ruby, let them do the majority of the talking. You can best help a ruby when you are a sounding board for their ideas, goals or just talking things through. Since rubies can be dreamers, give them the tools needed to achieve those dreams.

As a ruby, your mantra should be, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Which Gem are you?

Can you guess which one I am?

Gemstone Personality Test

This test is a great way to help me understand how to partner with the leaders on my team, and to mentor them towards success. This is just a small piece of the puzzle in our coaching mentorship, and a great way to help planning your path towards success in your goals. If you are interested in learning more about partnering as a new coach in the Flock, fill out this application




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